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We can support or upgrade
any flat-plate or flat-sheet MBR system
regardless of brand or type.
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Your partner of choice in MBR technologies

Our primary business is to provide technical support and assistance for the design, operation, and of optimization of flat-sheet systems. Our target applications are drop-in membrane expansions, modular MBR systems, and new plants up to 2.0 MGD. We can, and do, provide larger systems.

Microdyn MBR Systems, for Flat Sheet Systems

MMBR is an authorized representative, and distributor, for Microdyn Nadir a leading supplier of flat-sheet membrane modules and a global leader in membrane technology. We can provide complete systems built around BIO-CEL technology or support existing installations. We also maintain an inventory of BIO-CEL modules here in Austin, TX for quick delivery. 

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Modular Systems

The most advanced MBR technology made simple

Our experts have helped to deliver over 150 small, package type MBR systems. We are now teamed with IWS to offer pre-designed, modular MBR systems that can be shipped in less than 12 weeks for temporary or permanent use. For units in inventory, shipping can happen in less than 4 weeks. Modular plants are built and serviced by our Texas team. Services available include financing, constructions, delivery, startup, and support.

  1. Customized design for flows of 40,000 gpd and less.
  2. bluBOX for design flows greater than 40,000 gpd.
  3. Lease/Rental Options through IWS
  4. Turnkey Solutions through IWS


We specialize in the upgrade of older membrane equipment and the optimization of existing systems. Using easily installed adapter kits, we inventory membrane modules that can go into almost any existing system regardless of the type or brand. Modules are easily ordered and can often ship within 72hrs pending on availability. Using more efficient membrane technologies, the filtration capacity of older systems can often be increased by 20% – 50% just by replacing modules.

  1. Membrane Equipment Upgrade. For select equipment types including KUBOTA ES200, EK400, RM200, and RW400. Upgrade of Toray TMR-
  2. Technical Support. Services including Toray Technical Support, Toray replacement modules, BIO-CEL Technical Support, system audits, module warranty assessments, and operator training.
  3. Operator Training. Customized packages tailored to meet site-specific needs.
  4. Programming Support. Proven logic adapted to each application.
  5. Remote Monitoring. Using Streametric. Easy to install and easy to use.
I have been working with some of the guys at Microdyn MBR Systems for years. In fact, I have been working with Dennis since 2002! They are all extremely knowledgeable about MBR and they are passionate about what they do.


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