BIO-CEL Enhancement Kits

Enhancement kits can be used to proactively increase the durability, performance, and expected service life of BIO-CEL® modules.  Kits can also be used to repair existing equipment.



Used for BC-416, OV-416, BC-480, OV-480, and L-2 module types. Unless otherwise specified, Clip Bar packs contain 50 pieces, Eyelet Ring packs contain 30 pieces. Customer Service will recommend the amount of adhesive required based on project size and the dispenser type. Each order includes application instructions.

Additional information

Inventory Location

Austin, TX


Each kit contains 30 Bars, 30 Rings, and 5 Permeate Channel Enhancements. Kits also include adhesive, application gun, and detailed instructions for installation.

Not Included

Labor or site-specific instructions for related work.


Not Applicable


All equipment is new.

Terms of Purchase

MMBR standard Terms & Conditions apply. Prices does not include freight and any taxes that may apply.

Payment Terms

NET 15

Delivery Time

Shipped within 5 business days from our inventory in Austin, TX.