M|600 Membrane Module

M|600 modules are designed to drop onto common flat-plate diffuser housings. Due to the higher packing density of the flat-sheets, the membrane area of existing flat-plate equipment can be increased from 31% – 190%.



Each M|600 module includes 12 MEMBRAYTM cassettes and a total of 600 flexible, flat-sheets, or elements. The total membrane area is 420m2 or 4,518ft2. The membrane type is ultrafiltration (UF) with a nominal pore size of 0.08m. The membrane material is PVDF. M|600 dimensions are compatible with the Kubota ES-200, EK-400, RM-200, and the RW-400. Each module is supplied with all necessary mounting hardware. Modules can be stacked in a double-deck configuration. MEMBRAYTM received Title 22 approval for MBR applications in 2005. It has been approved for the highest type of reuse applications and is installed in more than 800 plants around the world.

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Austin, TX


Modules are field assembled from Toray NHP Membrane Blocks. Mounting hardware includes 2 guide rails, 2 stabilizer bars, and wall brackets. Basic installation drawings and instructions are provided. Customer must provide existing drawings for existing equipment in ACAD (.dwg) format for site specific installation drawings.

Not Included

A Lifting Tool. A diffuser.


New M, 600 Modules include a 5-yr Workmanship Warranty. Longer warranty coverage is available.


All equipment is new.

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MMBR standard Terms & Conditions apply. Prices does not include freight and any taxes that may apply.

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NET 15

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Shipped within 5 business days from our inventory in Austin, TX.