PermaCare® MPE50

Non-hazardous, biodegradable polymer used for improving membrane performance in MBR applications.



A flux enhancing polymer made by NALCO Water an Ecolab Company.  The polymer can be charged to a well-mixed zone in an MBR process generally upstream of the membrane tanks.  A typical concentration is 350 ppm but optimization can done using a lab-scale jar test.  PermaCare MPE50 is added neat.  No activation is required.  It is compatible with polymeric membranes and is wasted out of the system or biodegrades with time.  The benefit of polymer addition largely depends on the filterability, or quality, of the mixed liquor at the time of addition.  It is primarily used to increase peak flows for short durations or to help overcome process upsets.  In general, capacity is increased >20% for 72hrs with a single charge.  In some cases, flux/permeability has increased 50%.  Sustained increases are possible but generally less.  The makeup rate field optimized but can be estimated at 1.5% of the initial charge.

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