BluBox MBR

Rapidly Deployable, Highly Reliable Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Systems

BluBox – The Fully Integrated Wastewater Treatment System

Homebuilders and residential developers need reliable and accessible wastewater treatment solutions to develop properties. But too often, municipal plants are too far away, or they don’t have capacity to treat additional waste. And fragile aquifers are protected with strict regulatory water quality standards.

The BluBox MBR meets this need with a stand-alone, compact, integrated wastewater treatment system to keep development in production. Each unit is equipped with all critical process components including high-quality, fine screening, pumps, blowers, mixers, control valves, membrane modules, instrumentation, and control panels. Each control system is flexible and expandable.

With two decades of MBR expertise, we designed BluBox to operate as a stand-alone wastewater treatment solution or as a building block for larger applications. Incorporating one or more units, these modular systems are ideally suited to treat wastewater flows ranging from 50,000 gpd to 500,000 gpd. They may also be a good fit for projects outside of this flow window with the right drivers including schedule, procurement approach, and delivery method. You can purchase, rent, or lease BluBox units through our relationship with Integrated Water Services.

M|MBR manufactures, delivers, installs, and supports the BluBox Modular MBR Systems. We fabricate and assemble these units at our MBR Technology Hub in Brenham, TX.

Best-in-class Modular MBR Delivered in Weeks

Faster Delivery, US Manufacturing

We can deliver systems from our Texas-based MBR Technology Hub in 4-6 weeks, depending on inventory, and build new units in 14–20 weeks.

Competitors often quote 6–9 months.

Most Experienced Support

The MMBR technical team has an average experience of 15 years working with MBR products and supporting systems.

Membrane Parts & Services

MMBR partners with three leading manufacturers of membrane equipment, Toray, MANN+HUMMEL, and WTA. We maintain an inventory of customizable products that are backward-compatible with all major brands.

Turnkey, Rental, and Financing Options

MMBR can deliver BluBox equipment as a product into capital projects. We can also offer a variety of services, from financing to short- and long-term rentals and complete EPC solutions including operations and remote monitoring.

Leading Filtration Capacity

Although membrane agnostic, the standard design is based on the MANN+HUMMEL BIO-CEL® L-2 Module.
Modular MBR systems using BIO-CEL® are installed at marinas, schools, new housing developments, parks, casinos, industrial sites, and many other applications.

BluBox is the next generation of modular MBR technology built on a history of success.

Click the BluBox highlights to explore its features

Fine Screen Skid
Main Controller
Fine Screen Skid
Upper Equipment Porch
Anoxic Basin With Mixer
Pre-Aeration Basin with Diffuser System and DO Meter
Membrane Basins with Turbidimeter
Influent Flow Meter and Rescreen Tie-in
Optional Ultra Violet Disinfection Cabinet

Modular Advantages Over Conventional MBR

High Performance

Our modular MBR systems can treat wastewater flows ranging from 50,000 gpd to 500,000 gpd by incorporating one or more units.

Compact Footprint

MBR technology delivers a compact wastewater treatment system to conserve valuable real estate.

Regulatory Compliance

We meet or exceed the majority of regulatory standards including redundancy of all major components to ensure compliance. Exceptional permeate quality addresses the most stringent nitrogen and phosphorous effluent levels for both wastewater treatment and water reuse.


The BluBox MBR system easily expands with additional modular units to address future expansion.

Easy to Manage

Control, instrumentation, automated CIP and chemical feed system instrumentation are optimized for easy servicing and minimal operator attention.

Fully Integrated

Full integrated construction, fabrication, assembly, automation, startup, and ongoing technical support.

Case Study: Central Texas Residential Development

Learn how a complete, regulatory compliant system, lift station mechanical and pumps, and reuse irrigation system was built in just 43 days.

Discover the Project

BluBox is Available from the MBR Technology Hub

See BluBox in inventory at the MBR Technology Hub in Texas. The Hub brings U.S. and global manufacturers together into a universal resource center for MBR services and solutions that can be delivered in days or weeks.

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