Specializing in All Things MBR

As an independent subsidiary of Integrated Water Services (IWS), LLC. M|MBR Systems will continue to provide industry-leading choice in replacement parts, retrofits, and modular systems to membrane bioreactor (MBR) customers.

Delivering BluBox Modular MBR Units

We’re now developing, manufacturing, and delivering BluBox modular systems out of the Tech Hub in Brenham, Texas. You can see our inventory and get questions answered today.

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IWS Offers Full and Complementary Services

IWS, in partnership with Sciens Water, is a leading provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions specializing in plant modernization. Our financial strength, construction experience, technology expertise and global partnerships are key reasons why IWS can offer complete or complementary services to our customers, including:

Field Services
Products and Technology Expertise
Technical Digital Services

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Our Customers

With support from our key partners and vendors we specialize in the delivery, service, support, and/or upgrade of existing and new MBR systems. For aftermarket projects, we can provide compatible parts for plants currently using membrane equipment provided by Toray®, Kubota®, Enviroquip®, Ovivo®, and Microdyn-Nadir®.

Our Mission

To maximize the uptime, efficiency, and reliability of every MBR system we work on.

Our Technologies

M|MBR believes that flat sheet (FS) technology, with adequate sheet spacing, is the best suited for MBR applications. FS “hybrid” technology marries the strongest features of hollow fiber and flat plate designs. We offer three FS module types each with different geometries and features that can be matched to meet project-specific needs: BIO-CEL® ultrafiltration (UF), MYTEX® microfiltration (MF), and Toray® UF.

In addition to modular systems, we also offer STREAMETRICTM for remote monitoring and membrane flux enhancing polymer (MPE50TM)


The “M” stands for:

  • MBR Systems

    Complete, fully integrated MBR systems using flat-sheet technology.


  • Modular Systems

    BluBox™ Modular MBR Systems built on proven technology with a history of success.


  • Membrane Upgrades

    “Drop In” solutions to upgrade all types of flat plate and flat sheet technology.


  • More

    STREAMETRICTM, MPE50, Technical Services


I have been working with some of the guys at M|MBR Systems for years. In fact, I have been working with Dennis since 2002! They are all extremely knowledgeable about MBR and they are passionate about what they do.