Increase capacity. Improve performance. Save money.

Easy, quick membrane equipment upgrades

MBR used to be complicated.  M|MBR Systems made it simple.

Whether it’s Enviroquip®, Kubota®, Ovivo®, or Toray® flat-plate membrane technology, M|MBR can provide upgrade options without altering your existing environment.

We make it easy to drop in space-efficient flat-sheet modules in less than four hours, giving you a more expansive membrane area for higher capacity, reduced cleaning, improved energy efficiency, and less downtime.

The MBR Tech Hub in Texas is our universal resource center for the rapid innovation, deployment, and optimization of MBR products and projects. The Hub houses an inventory of cutting-edge technology for the quick repair, upgrade, or optimization of any MBR.

Over the last 20 years, M|MBR Systems have delivered over 1 million plates into 270 systems treating over 200 million gallons of wastewater daily and supporting over 50 projects using flexible flat sheet modules.

Working with MBR technology partners, we’ve helped innovate or commercialize 13 different membrane products including polymeric rigid plates, polymeric flexible sheets and a ceramic product . We can help you innovate and save wastewater with a solution that best fits your needs.

What’s the process?

  • Submit a short questionnaire

  • Talk with an M|MBR specialist

  • Email requested information.

Within 5 business days you will receive a quotation that can include detailed, site-specific installation drawings. Upon receipt of purchase order, membrane modules and installation hardware, can be shipped from storage locations in CA or TX within 14 days. Some parts can be shipped within 72 hours. Our team can install the equipment or supervise module installation remotely.

It’s that simple.

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Toray® is one of the largest membrane manufacturers in the world. They are a multi-national, $20B corporation with 48,000 employees and have been in business since 1926. Toray® membrane technology was developed in 2003 and was Title 22 approved in 2005. Toray Membrane USA and M|MBR Systems recently formed a partnership to support mutual customers in the Americas.

With Toray parts housed at the MBR Tech Hub in Texas, M|MBR Systems can deliver innovative solutions to municipal and industrial customers in a few days or weeks. The Toray NHPTM Module can be used to upgrade older TMRTM equipment.

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