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As a long-time MBR systems integrator, we have expertise with several different membrane technologies.  M|MBR can provide upgrade options for flat-plate cassettes/modules/blocks provided by Enviroquip®, Kubota®, Ovivo®, and Toray®.  Space efficient flat-sheet modules can be dropped into place for the purposes of increasing membrane area.  Benefits can include higher capacity, reduced cleaning, improved energy efficiency, and less downtime.

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Within 5 business days you will receive a quotation that can include detailed, site-specific installation drawings. Upon receipt of purchase order, membrane modules and installation hardware, can be shipped from storage locations in CA or TX within 14 days. Some parts can be shipped within 72hrs. Our team can install the equipment or supervise module installation remotely.

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Technology Partnership

Toray® is one of the largest membrane manufacturers in the world.  They are a multi-national, $20B corporation.  They have 48,000 employees and have been in business since 1926.  Toray® membrane technology was developed in 2003 and was Title 22 approved in 2005.  Toray Membrane USA and M|MBR Systems recently formed a partnership to support mutual customers in the Americas.   The partnership will deliver innovative MBR solutions to municipal and industrial customers with a focus on the upgrade of older membrane technologies.  The Toray NHPTM Module can be used to upgrade older TMRTM equipment.


Using Toray® MBR Membrane Technology

All Toray MBR membrane units use the exact same, Title 22 approved, ultrafiltration (UF) membrane.  However, module designs/packaging can vary.  NHPTM technology uses fused 2mm thick flat-sheets or elements. There are 50 elements per cassette. Each element is connected to a permeate manifold use a nozzle and tube. Individual sheets can be repaired or replaced.  Toray offers a variety of NHPTM  module sizes that can be matched up to older TMRTM products.  M|MBR uses the same technology to build M|600 Modules.

4 hrs/module

50% Added Filtration Capacity

Barring site-specific factors, it should take less than 4hrs per module to complete the upgrade process.


Drop in Solutions

Flat-sheet NHP® modules using Toray® membrane technology can be used to upgrade older TMR® installations. Operating parameters are like, or better than, TMR modules in terms of air scouring and cleaning. Replacing the older style module can increase capacity and energy efficiency.

Success Story


In 2006, Toray began a successful relationship with the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) with the installation of MBR systems at The Lambourn Estates and the Sentinel Ridge Sanitary Sewer System. Both projects incorporated Toray’s TMR140 series MBR modules. CVRD has since installed Toray membrane units in a total of 5 different plants over a 14-yr period.

In 2018, the CVRD replaced the original flat plate TMR modules with flat sheet NHP technology. The retrofit project increased the capacity of the Twin Cedars facility by 228%. In 2020, a similar approach was taken at Lambourn Estates where capacity was increased by 221%.

Flat sheet Toray modules use the same Title 22 approved membrane that was introduced to the market in 2005 and that has been installed in 800 plants around the world. It is not new; it is just the next generation of module design; 50% more efficient with the benefits of flexible flat sheet configuration.

Customer Feedback

Upgrading our old Toray® flat plate (TMR) modules to Toray flat sheet modules was easy. It took about 2hrs per module and they dropped right on top of the existing diffusers. Now we have the same membrane that we know and trust but a lot more capacity.

LocationVancouver Island, Canada
Capacity450m3/day (119,000 gpd)
CustomerCowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD)
  • Retrofit
  • Expansion
  • Flat Plate Upgrade
Install Dates
  • Twin Cedars, 2018
  • Lambourn Estates, 2020

Using Toray® Membrane Technology

M|600 Membrane Modules are built by M|MBR using Toray® membrane technology.  They are designed to quickly, and significantly, increase the filtration capacity of existing plants that currently use flat-plate technology. M|600 modules can be installed in a single-deck configuration or stacked. Equipment dimensions and operating parameters are like, and in some cases, the same as, older style plate cassettes/modules but with a packing density that is 31% to 190% higher. Simple changeouts can be done in hours having minimal impact on plant operations but having a big impact on performance.



2 TORAY®Blocks



M|600 Module



Module + Customized Hardware on Existing Diffuser

4 hrs/module

31% – 190% Added Filtration Capacity

Barring site-specific factors, it should take less than 4 hrs per module to complete the upgrade process.  This does not include ancillary equipment upgrades or system modifications.


Drop in Solutions

The M|600 Module using Toray® technology is compatible with commonly available flat-plate membrane equipment including select Kubota® products. The technology is not new. It is built using standard Toray® cassette blocks. Two blocks are assembled into module frames that are “drop in” ready. Customized mounting hardware is included that will exactly mate up to existing wall brackets.


Success Story


For an existing MBR in Zydus, India when it came time for an expansion, the decision was made to use Toray® membrane technology. The upgrade/expansion was implemented in three phases and involved the replacement of older membrane units from a different supplier.

In 2017 the customer installed 14 TMR140-200D (flat plate) modules. In 2018, 36 TMR140-100S modules were put in and finally, in 2019, 10 NHP210-300S flat sheet modules were installed.

The total capacity of the plant was increased to 1.2 MGD with the upgrade. The design is based on gravity filtration. The site reuses treated water and is a zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) system.

Flat sheet Toray modules use the same Title 22 approved membrane that was introduced to the market in 2005 and that has been installed in over 800 TMR (flat plate) plants around the world. It is not new; it is just the next generation of module design. 50% more efficient with the benefits of a flexible flat sheet configuration.

Customer Feedback

We are delighted with the performance of Toray® MBR (membrane equipment) …
Deepak Parikh, Hasgak Water Pvt., Ltd.

LocationZydus, India
Capacity1.2 MGD
ApplicationPharmaceutical Wastewater
  • ZLD
  • Reuse
  • Flat Plate Upgrade
  • Gravity Filtration
Install Dates
  • Phase 1 (0.48 MGD, Flat Plate)
    November 2017
  • Phase 2 (0.52 MGD, Flat Plate)
    February 2018
  • Phase 3 (0.2 MGD, Flat Sheet)
    March 2019