Increase capacity. Improve performance. Save money.

2 min/enhancement

Cost effective method, up to 17X stronger

Not counting preparation or setup times that can vary by site, it generally takes less than 2 minutes to install an enhancement part.

For existing BIO-CEL® installations, parts are available that can be used to significantly increase durability and or to repair damage. Reinforcing Clip Bars can be attached to the top seam/edge of sheets to significantly increase durability.  Eyelet Ring Enhancers can be used to strengthen the sheet attachment points and have a similar installation time. Proactively enhancing and or repairing modules is a cost-effective way to protect against damaging conditions, to maximize equipment service life, and to optimize overall performance. Modules can be removed from the tank for quick service or work can be performed in-situ taking proper safety precautions. M|MBR can supervise the work remotely or be onsite to help as needed.

Reinforcing Clip Bars

Eyelet Rings