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M|MBR can provide microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) options to upgrade older BIO-CEL® modules.  For a straight replacement of OV-480, OV-960, and L-1 style modules, the UF BIO-CEL® L-2 can be used with an adapter kit.  L-2 modules are kept in our Austin inventory.  To increase system capacity, customizable MYTEX® modules using MF membranes by Microdyn-Nadir are also available.  The benefits of an upgrade can include higher capacity, reduced cleaning, improved energy efficiency, and less downtime.

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Within 5 business days you will receive a quotation that can include detailed, site-specific installation drawings. Upon receipt of purchase order, membrane modules and installation hardware, can be shipped from storage locations in CA or TX within 14 days. Some parts can be shipped within 72 hours. Our team can install the equipment or supervise module installation remotely.

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Technology Partnership

MANN+HUMMEL (M+H), the parent company of Microdyn-Nadir®, is a €4B company, with 21,000 employees, and an 82-year history.  As an industry leader with a global footprint, M+H is growing their life sciences and environmental business with a focus on MBR membrane technology through Microdyn-Nadir® (MN).  M|MBR is the authorized representative for MN BIO-CEL® in the U.S. municipal market.  The M|MBR team is continuing a partnership with MN that started in 2012 and teaming up with WTA Technologies to offer MN microfiltration (MF) modules.

Microdyn-Nadir® has been in the business of producing membranes since 1966. The BIO-CEL® hybrid membrane module was first introduced in 2005, however the ultrafiltration (UF) membrane that is used in BIO-CEL® module dates to 1998.  MN has several membrane manufacturing facilities around the globe, including Goleta, CA and Wiesbaden, Germany where all the BIO-CEL modules for the U.S. market are made using the original, fully automated production line.  The technical teams from both companies have collaborated to build on the strengths of BIO-CEL® technology and to incorporate customer feedback into the L-2 design.

The BIO-CEL® L-2 Module is our choice for new projects and upgrades that need UF membranes.  For projects that can use microfiltration (MF) membranes, and specifically for older BIO-CEL® plants that are considering ways to increase capacity, M|MBR can build customized drop-in MYTEX® solutions, using MN membranes, to match customer/product needs exactly.



The L-2 module is the most design BIO-CEL® design to date. It is compatible with older BIO-CEL® products including the OV480, OV960, L-1, and BC480 modules using conversion kits. For more information on the L-2 click here.

Minor piping and mounting modifications are required to upgrade older style modules. Necessary hardware is provided with each order.

4 hrs/module

3x stronger

Open Sides


MYTEX® Modules

A second high-capacity upgrade option is called MYTEX® and uses microfiltration (MF) membrane material by Microdyn-Nadir.  MYTEX® modules are customizable.  Membrane area can be readily optimized based on the type of existing modules the allowable side-water depth.  In addition to increased membrane area, sustainable filtration rate (flux) can be up to 20% higher due to increased MF permeability.

 MYTEX® membrane sheets can withstand the highest rated transmembrane pressure (TMP) in the industry at 11.6 psig.  Modules can withstand a wide range of air scour flowrates and can tolerate mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentrations of up 18,000 mg/l in MBR applications.  Further, the modules can be dried out and stored if needed without preservation chemicals.  The sheet edges are rounded to minimize the chances of hair and fiber accumulation.

Modules can fit into shallow depths and be removed individually.  Cranes are not required for handling.  Individual sheets can be replaced if needed and modules easily repaired.  The compressed nature of the non-woven support eliminates dead zones in the sheets and maximizes the effect of self-healing.

8 hrs/modules

10% – 90% Added Capacity

Module stack dimensions can be customized based on the existing equipment and allowable side water depth.  M|MBR provides complete assemblies, adapter kits, for each upgrade.

MYTEX® Membrane Blocks

MYTEX® Membrane Stacks