Predict. Discover. Improve.

Remote monitoring made easy

STREAMETRIC is an intuitive digital software for membrane driven systems. The solution is focused on helping operators and system integrators predict problems and discover potentials to improve cost efficiency

  • Predictive alarms via SMS and Email

  • Event overview keeps track of cleanings, maintenance, services, etc.

  • Simple dashboard and customizable graphs

  • Automated warranty and performance reports

  • Documented library to share reports, manuals, data sheets, and more


Identify cost-saving potentials and increase performance with our advanced data analytics services. The interactive dashboard presents valuable insights on the impact of operation and cleaning schedules of membranes


Decrease the time spent on data reporting and manual analysis with our automated reporting software. Remotely access your system to solve any problem within minutes


Avoid warranty violations and minimize risk that operational oversights become real issues such as membrane damage and downtime through predictive warnings

Streametric makes data management and performance tracking easy. M|MBR Technicians follow the performance of your plant. We analyze data weekly, and send short, simple, impactful reports so that operators can make informed decisions about membrane performance and system conditions. Key documentation can be uploaded to your Streametric account and process data maintained in one spot.