Shipping Information

M|MBR maintains an inventory of critical parts and equipment that can typically be shipped within 3-5 business days.  BIO-CEL® Enhancement Kits can be shipped in 72hrs pending availability.

Membrane Equipment

M|600 Membrane Module

M|600 modules are designed to drop onto common flat-plate diffuser housings. Due to the higher packing density of the flat-sheets, the membrane area of existing flat-plate equipment can be increased from 31% – 190%.

MICRODYN BIO-CEL® L-2 Membrane Module

The L-2 module is the newest generation BIO-CEL® membrane module from Microdyn-Nadir. It is the most durable BIO-CEL® design yet and backward compatible with older products including the BC-480, BIO-CEL L-1, and the OV-480.


BIO-CEL Enhancement Kits

Enhancement kits can be used to proactively increase the durability, performance, and expected service life of BIO-CEL® modules. Kits can also be used to repair existing equipment.


PermaCare® MPE50

Non-hazardous, biodegradable polymer used for improving membrane performance in MBR applications.