Modular MBR Systems

Fully Integrated Turnkey Solutions - for Low-Flow to Municipal Projects

Proven technology built on a history of success

Our experts have helped to deliver 150+ package type, modular MBR systems over a span of nearly two decades. M|MBR designs, manufactures, delivers, installs, and supports our modular MBR Systems end-to-end.

For small flows less than 50,000 gpd, we recommend the M|PAC, which are custom designed to be rapidly assembled in the field.

For requirements of 50,000 to 500,000 gpd, we recommend the BluBox™ modular MBR systems. We designed BluBox to operate as a stand-alone wastewater treatment solution or as a building block for larger applications.

We fabricate and assemble all of our modular units at the MBR Technology Hub in Brenham, TX. Electrical and controls integration work is provided by our sister company Hyperion International Technologies, LLC.

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50,000 gpd to
500,000 gpd

Lease, Rental, and Purchase Options
Turnkey Solutions

Up to 120,000 gpd

Customized designs
for low flow applications

Up to 60,000 gpd

Palletized MBR that ships everywhere,
sets up anywhere

MBR Tech Hub

Preparing for Factory Checkout

When we made the decision to invest in modular MBR systems we turned to the team with the most experience, using a technology that we know and trust. The whole team behind BluBox™ including IWS, Hi-Line, Hyperion, and M|MBR is second to none.