Proven technology built on a history of success

Our experts have helped to deliver 150+ package type, modular MBR systems over a span of nearly two decades. BluBox™ was designed to operate as a stand-alone wastewater treatment solution or as a building block for larger applications. Although membrane agnostic, the standard design is based on the BIO-CEL® L-2 Module. Modular MBR systems using BIO-CEL® are installed at marinas, schools, new housing developments, parks, casinos, industrial sites, and many other applications. BluBox™ is not new, it is just the next generation of modular MBR technology built on a history of success.

BluBox™ solutions can include all necessary equipment and tankage for a fully functional solution to wastewater treatment problems and water reuse opportunities. Equipment can be rented, leased, or purchased from BluBox, LLC. Systems, incorporating one or more units, are ideally suited to treat wastewater flows ranging from 50,000 gpd to 500,000 gpd. They may also be a good fit for projects outside of this flow window with the right drivers including schedule, procurement approach, and delivery method. For flows of less than 50,000 gpd, M|MBR offers customized solutions called M|PAC that are built and serviced by our Texas team.

M|MBR is the exclusive startup and technical support team for BluBox™ Modular MBR Systems. BluBox™ systems are fabricated and assembled at the Hi-Line shop in Brenham, TX. Electrical and controls integration work is provided by Hyperion International Technologies, LLC.

Read the Hill Country phased project overview and visit the BluBox™ website for more information.

  • 50,000 gpd to
    500,000 gpd

    BluBox™, LLC.
    Lease, Rental, and Purchase Options
    Turnkey Solutions

  • <50,000 gpd


    Customized designs
    for low flow applications

M|MBR at Hi-Line

Preparing for Factory Checkout

When we made the decision to invest in modular MBR systems we turned to the team with the most experience, using a technology that we know and trust. The whole team behind BluBox™ including IWS, Hi-Line, Hyperion, and M|MBR is second to none.