Increase capacity for existing Kubota or Ovivo flat-plate MBR systems, within weeks.

Drop in Toray ultrafiltration membranes for fast, cost-effective expansion

M|MBR Systems can upgrade your existing Kubota® or Ovivo® flat-plate cassettes, modules, and blocks, without changing anything else in your environment.

We know legacy Kubota and Ovivo systems like the back of our hand—because we helped pioneer the MBR technology used in them. With our knowledge of your existing facility and our partnership with industry-leader Toray® Membrane USA, M|MBR can help existing MBR plants improve efficiency quickly with next-generation Toray flat-sheet membranes.

Clogging-resistant flat sheet membranes

Our M|600 Membrane Modules use Toray flexible flat-sheet membrane technology. They’re designed to quickly and significantly increase the filtration capacity of existing plants that currently use rigid, flat-plates. Flexible sheets are less prone to clogging, but in the event it occurs, they can be quickly and easily recovered in-place with less downtime.

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Membrane area increased by 31% to 190%

M|MBR Systems experts can drop in Toray solutions to increase membrane area by 31% to 190%, in as little as 4 hours per module, depending on the existing system configuration.

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Toray membranes delivered within a few days or weeks

Our MBR Tech Hub keeps Toray membranes in stock, which allows us to ship products faster than overseas alternatives.

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Project Spotlight: Converting to Toray Flat Sheets

"Since MMBR upgraded our plant from rigid plates by another supplier to the Toray flexible flat-sheet membranes, it can treat 50% to 100% more flow and it operates reliably. The upgrade and expansion could save us over a million dollars."


Together, Toray and M|MBR can provide your existing Kubota or Ovivo plant with higher capacity, reduced cleaning, improved energy efficiency, and less downtime.

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