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Making MBR Solutions More Accessible. Faster.

The MBR Technology Hub out of Austin, TX brings together global application leaders and system integrators to deliver all things MBR faster and to unlock the potential of every MBR system.

We created the MBR Hub to be a universal resource center. Our mission is to drive innovation, rapidly deploy modular MBR solutions, and provide compatible replacement parts for all MBR plants in service today.

M|MBR and Hub partners can rapidly design and ship membrane solutions in days or weeks. In contrast, traditional delivery methods that rely on overseas shipments can take 6 months to a year or more.

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Upgrading to the BIO-CEL® L-2

"We were able to recover the 25% to 40% of lost system capacity after the new L-2 units were put in. By going with MMBR, we saved hundreds of thousands of dollars."


Converting to Toray Flat Sheets

"Since MMBR upgraded our plant from rigid plates by another supplier to the Toray flexible flat-sheet membranes, it can treat 50% to 100% more flow and it operates reliably. The upgrade and expansion could save us over a million dollars."


Using MYTEX Microfiltration

"After (MMBR) installed MYTEX membranes, we were able to handle 20% more flow. This upgrade cost hundreds of thousands of dollars less than alternatives."


Connecting MBR Technology Providers with End Users

We bring local and global stakeholders together to collaborate and make next-generation solutions more accessible, faster. Cutting-edge MBR products are available in inventory today from M|MBR and our Hub partners.

Membrane Replacement Parts

Owners that want to increase membrane filtration area or address persistent performance challenges can get membrane replacement equipment from Hub inventory that will fit seamlessly into existing infrastructure.

The flat plate or flat sheet membrane upgrade products are backward compatible: they drop into place, require no other changes, and have similar or better performance.

M|MBR and Hub partners can deliver and install drop-in, upgrade solutions to increase filtration capacity from 30% to 300% depending on the existing product type and site constraints.

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Flat Plate Products

Flat Sheet Products

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Modular MBR Solutions

The M|MBR team specializes in the design and delivery of modular MBR technologies. Most recently we developed a “palletized MBR” for small, point-of-use applications.

For larger systems, M|MBR, BluBox, Hi-Line and Hyperion designed the BluBox Modular MBR System. Pre-built and highly flexible, each BluBox MBR unit can be:

  • Integrated with filtration options from manufacturers like MANN+HUMMEL, Toray and WTA and remote monitoring from STREAMETRIC.
  • Purchased, leased, or rented from BluBox.
  • Delivered by M|MBR from Hub inventory in 14 to 20 weeks. Not months.

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Modular MBR Solutions

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If you’re interested in new technologies like BluBox, M|MBR welcomes existing customers, prospective customers, and wastewater professionals to come to Austin for an in-person tour of the MBR Tech Hub.

If the trip doesn’t work for your schedule, we encourage you to speak to one of our MBR professionals. Armed with experience from over 300 MBR installations, our experts can help you diagnose problems, recommend solutions and connect you to other experts in our growing partner network.

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