PermaCare MPE50™ by Nalco Water

Our team has been using MPE50™ since 2004. It is an easy, proven technology to temporarily increase in treatment capacity and to improve overall membrane performance. In short, this cationic, membrane friendly polymer is added neat to a well-mixed area upstream of membrane tanks. The impact is typically immediate, but the full effect can take up to the hydraulic residence time (HRT) of the plant at the time of addition. The polymer acts to bind up highly-fouling colloidal materials making the larger flocs that are easier to filter. The effect generally drops after 24-72hrs but can be maintained with a makeup dose. The M|MBR team can provide guidelines for initial dosage and instructions for simple tests used for optimizing dosage amounts.

Get the advantages of enhanced membrane performance:

TMP (psi)

Before / After

Key Advantages

  • Increase Capacity

    Increase the critical flux and decreases the membrane fouling rate.

  • Reduce foam

    Accomodate peak flow conditions more easily, and allows for higher peak flow operation without flux loss.

  • Improve efficiency

    Better permeate quality: reduction in TOC, COD, TSS, color and turbidity; increase removal of pathogens, including viruses and phage

Additional Benefits

  • Better performance at low temperature. 
  • Better biological stability to bulking/upset conditions 
  • Foam removal and prevention 
  • Reduction of polymer consumption in sludge dewatering 
  • Increases sludge age, with concurrent reduction of sludge production, with no loss of membrane permeability.