M|600 Modules

with Toray® membranes


Designed for Upgrades

The M|600 was designed to quickly, and significantly, increase the filtration capacity of existing plants using flat-plate technology. It is compatible with several Toray® and Kubota® products. M|600 modules can be installed in a single-deck configuration or stacked. Equipment dimensions and operating parameters are like, and in some cases, the same as, older style plate cassettes/modules but with a packing density that is 31% to 190% higher. Simple changeouts can be done in hours having minimal impact on plant operations but having a big impact on capacity. The M|600 is built by M|MBR using MEMBRAY™ technology from Toray®.

M|600 Modules

Proven, Industry Leading Technology

Toray® is one of the largest membrane manufacturers in the world.  They are a multi-national, $20B corporation.  They have 48,000 employees and have been in business since 1926.  Toray® membrane technology was developed in 2003 and was Title 22 approved in 2005.  Over 1,640,000ft2 of Toray® membrane area is installed in MBR plants around the world.


Flat Sheet Technology

Toray (NHPTM) technology uses fused 2mm thick flat-sheets or elements. There are 50 elements per cassette. Each element is connected to a permeate manifold use a nozzle and tube. Individual sheets can be repaired or replaced.

M| 600 Product Specifications





Single Stack


Double Stack

No. of Membrane Elements506001,200
Cassette structure1 Cassette12 Cassettes24 Cassettes
Total Membrane Area (ft2/m2)377/354,521 (420)9,042 (840)
Appx. Dimensions, W x L x H (in)19 x 17 x 3230 x 129 x 8630 x 129 x 157
Dry Weight, lb(kg)37.5 (17)860 (390)1,984 (900)
Maximum Wet Weight, lb(kg)320 (145)4,277 (1,940)8,818 (4,000)
Frame Material304SS5
Permeated Water ManifoldPPPP
Manifold Connection1.5” flange/socket
Temperature (°C)5-405-40
Max. MLSS (mg/l)18,00018,000
TMP (psi)3.03.0
Max. Backpressure (psi)1.51.5
Bleach CIP (wt%)0.2 – 0.60.2 – 0.6
Citric Acid CIP (wt%)1.0–3.01.0–3.0
Air Scour Range (SCFM)71 – 14192–141
Air Scour Target (SCFM)7192