M|600 Modules

with Toray® membranes


Designed for Upgrades

The M|600 was designed to quickly, and significantly, increase the filtration capacity of existing plants using flat-plate technology. It is compatible with several Toray® and Kubota® products. M|600 modules can be installed in a single-deck configuration or stacked. Equipment dimensions and operating parameters are like, and in some cases, the same as, older style plate cassettes/modules but with a packing density that is 31% to 190% higher. Simple changeouts can be done in hours having minimal impact on plant operations but having a big impact on capacity. The M|600 is built by M|MBR using MEMBRAY™ technology from Toray®.

M|600 Modules

Proven, Industry Leading Technology

Toray® is one of the largest membrane manufacturers in the world.  They are a multi-national, $20B corporation.  They have 48,000 employees and have been in business since 1926.  Toray® membrane technology was developed in 2003 and was Title 22 approved in 2005.  Over 1,640,000ft2 of Toray® membrane area is installed in MBR plants around the world.


Flat Sheet Technology

Toray (NHPTM) technology uses fused 2mm thick flat-sheets or elements. There are 50 elements per cassette. Each element is connected to a permeate manifold use a nozzle and tube. Individual sheets can be repaired or replaced.

M| 600 Product Specifications





Single Stack


Double Stack

No. of Membrane Elements 50 600 1,200
Cassette structure 1 Cassette 12 Cassettes 24 Cassettes
Total Membrane Area (ft2/m2) 377/35 4,521 (420) 9,042 (840)
Appx. Dimensions, W x L x H (in) 19 x 17 x 32 30 x 129 x 86 30 x 129 x 157
Dry Weight, lb(kg) 37.5 (17) 860 (390) 1,984 (900)
Maximum Wet Weight, lb(kg) 320 (145) 4,277 (1,940) 8,818 (4,000)
Frame Material 304SS5
Permeated Water Manifold PP PP
Manifold Connection 1.5” flange/socket
Temperature (°C) 5-40 5-40
Max. MLSS (mg/l) 18,000 18,000
TMP (psi) 3.0 3.0
Max. Backpressure (psi) 1.5 1.5
Bleach CIP (wt%) 0.2 – 0.6 0.2 – 0.6
Citric Acid CIP (wt%) 1.0–3.0 1.0–3.0
Air Scour Range (SCFM) 71 – 141 92–141
Air Scour Target (SCFM) 71 92