Sciens Water Acquires M|MBR Systems!

M|MBR Systems has been acquired by the parent company of our partner Integrated Water Services (IWS) and Sciens Water Opportunities Management (Sciens Water). We’re on a shared mission to protect our water resources and to tap the full potential of membrane bioreactor (MBR) technologies to help solve wastewater treatment problems and to create water reuse opportunities.

For the past few years, we’ve helped the Sciens team to develop the next generation of modular wastewater treatment solutions. We’ve also seen them grow through the strategic acquisition of companies like IWS and through smart investments into products like the BluBox Modular MBR System. I’ve respected the group’s vision and their efforts to build a world-class water and wastewater treatment company. Now, I’m thrilled to say publicly that we’ve joined the Sciens family and that we’ll do our part to help make their vision a reality. 

Going forward, M|MBR will drive MBR-related products and services for the companies under the growing IWS umbrella. For design-build and turnkey construction projects and other types of field services, customers can still go to our sister company, IWS. For retrofit projects, membrane replacement opportunities, and modular MBR systems, customers can now go directly to M|MBR Systems. In fact, we’re already ramping up BluBox modular production at our Austin-based MBR Technology Hub where we build and inventory flat-sheet technologies from three leading suppliers.   

Our vision for the Tech Hub is simple: it is the only place where customers can find solutions to any type of MBR problem. It is a universal resource that hasn’t existed until now. One size does not fit all. Every treatment plant is different, every situation is unique. With the different manufacturers and collaborators at our MBR Tech Hub, we can better match the right technology and expertise to each application instead of force fitting a particular product. Now we’ll have more resources to continue building on what we started at the Hub; and that’s what makes today’s news so exciting.

I’m immensely proud of everyone here at M|MBR. Our journey to make the best available wastewater technology more accessible started at Enviroquip more than 20 years ago. In 2001, I helped to deliver the first MBR in the U.S. using rigid, flat-plate membrane technology. Then in 2012, my (Ovivo) team designed and delivered the very first flexible, flat sheet MBR. In all, members of the MMBR team have been involved with 325-plus MBR systems having a combined treatment capacity exceeding 200,000,000 gpd and using over a million membrane elements. 

We founded M|MBR in 2019 with a singular focus on advancing and supporting polymeric, flexible flat-sheet membrane technologies for MBR applications. We’re now part of something bigger, but our purpose and our passion won’t change. We remain 100% focused on MBR related technologies and more importantly, our customers. We’re continuing to drive innovation, to rapidly deploy modular MBR solutions, and to provide compatible replacement parts for all MBR plants in service today. As part of the Sciens team, working through the MBR Tech Hub in collaboration with industry leaders and local businesses, we’re just getting started.

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