• System Type : Custom Concrete
  • Wastewater Type : Commercial
  • Application : Warehouse
  • Facility Description : Decentralized
  • Permit Type : Other
  • Full Time Operators : 1
  • Tight Nitrogen Limit
  • Streametric Remote Monitoring

My experience with the MMBR Systems team along with they controls integrator Hyperion, has been one I would absolutely recommend to others. From concept to delivery, they have been an integral part of the success of the project and their continued support has shown they take pride in their product and stand by their customers with an unwavering positive attitude. The project was on time and on budget due in large to the team of MMBR and Hyperion.


Project Type : Retrofit
Previous Facility Type : Conventional Activated Sludge
Owner : City of Riverhead, NY
Engineer: H2M Engineers and Architects
Contractor: R.J. Industries, Inc.
Operator : City of Riverhead, NY
Delivery Method: Design Bid Build (DBB)
Time to Build (Months) : 13


Fine Screen Type: 2.0 mm Perforated Plate
Aeration Technology : Fine Bubble
Air Scour Blower Type : Positive Displacement
Solids Management : Hauling
PLC/HMI Type: AB/Factory Talk
Disinfection Method: None
# Process Stages: 3


Filtration Mode: Pumped
# of Reactors: 2
Membrane Type: Microdyn Nadir UF
Membrane Module Type: BIO-CEL®
Design Flux (GFD): 4.8
Minimum Water Temperature (°C): 10
Peak Factor: 2.50
CIP Frequency (Per Year): 12