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M|MBR Systems Named Top 10 Wastewater Management Company

MBR pioneers support any flat-plate or flat-sheet system, modular solution or upgrade

AUSTIN, Texas—Sep. 8, 2021—M|MBR Systems, dedicated to the integration, delivery, service, and optimization of membrane bioreactor (MBR) projects for wastewater treatment, today announced it has been named one of the top 10 wastewater management companies by Utilities Tech Outlook magazine.

This annual list showcases leading wastewater management solution providers that can help customers unlock new opportunities, based on recommendations from industry executives who researched, evaluated, bought, implemented, or renewed a new wastewater management technology solution.

“Our team has spent nearly two decades innovating MBR-related technologies. We feel fortunate to have a heritage that goes back to the first flat-plate MBR in North America and that we’re now tied in with market leaders and innovators such as MANN+HUMMEL, Toray, WTA, STREAMETRIC, and BluBox,” said Dennis Livingston, co-founder of M|MBR Systems. “This recognition from Utilities Tech Outlook reminded us about how far the MBR industry has come and why we’re so excited about our new role in the market.”

M|MBR Systems was founded in 2018 by MBR experts that helped to pioneer the technology. Members of the team delivered the first rigid, flat-plate MBR system in the U.S. in 2001 and the first flexible, flat-sheet system in 2012. Over two decades, they connected four different manufacturers to the market and drove the innovation of numerous membrane products. Having delivered nearly 300 MBR systems ranging from 5,000 gallons per day (GPD) to 42 million GPD in capacity, all now aging, the M|MBR team is partnering with clients and manufacturers around the world to upgrade older wastewater treatment plants by leveraging membrane innovations and their knowledge of legacy installations.

In addition to providing complete MBR systems, making MBR technology more readily accessible is core to their services strategy. “We have local manufacturing resources that allow us to rapidly deliver replacement modules for almost any type of flat-sheet or flat-plate product,” continued Livingston. “We know how important quick delivery is with end-of-pipe filtration systems. Operators can’t wait weeks and months for replacement components, so we make getting parts and experienced technical support really easy and fast.”

“It’s a great pleasure to include M|MBR Systems in our ranking list for its expertise in providing efficient and innovative wastewater treatment technologies, said Olivia Smith, managing editor of Utilities Tech Outlook. “I congratulate M|MBR Systems for its achievement.”

It featured the Top 10 Wastewater Management Solution Companies list in the August 2021 issue of Utilities Tech Outlook.

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About M|MBR Systems 

M|MBR Systems is dedicated to the delivery, service, and optimization of membrane bioreactor (MBR) projects for wastewater treatment. The company’s history includes the first flat sheet MBR system in the U.S., nearly 300 complete systems, and numerous MBR-related innovations. Leveraging two decades of MBR experience, strategic partnerships, and powerful web-based analytics, the M|MBR team specializes in system optimization and the rapid delivery of modular MBR solutions. From its Austin, Texas headquarters, M|MBR can ship replacement membrane equipment for major brands in days and can quickly deploy completely integrated, pre-assembled MBR systems in weeks.